Blood Work by Michael Connelly, narrated by Dick Hill

I enjoyed Blood Work a lot. I’ve only listened to one Michael Connelly book on audio before, and based on this I think I’ve been missing out. Dick Hill’s narration oozes hardboiled crime, and was a great match for protagonist Terry McCaleb.

Connelly is of course best known for his Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller series’. I was peripherally aware of McCaleb from later Bosch books (and Goodreads reliably informs me that I read the second McCaleb book, A Darkness More Than Night back in 2012). I love how well Connelly’s whole universe fits together, and was particularly impressed by hearing references to Haller a full seven years before The Lincoln Lawyer was published. It just goes to show how well developed Connelly’s cast is.

As crime novels go, Blood Work has an excellent hook. McCaleb is a retired FBI agent, recovering from a recent heart transplant. He tries to refuse a stranger’s request to investigate her sister’s death – until he learns that he got the sister’s heart. As personal stakes go, it’s a good one. I really enjoyed listening to McCaleb’s investigation of the case, as seemingly inconsequential pieces of evidence eventually became the puzzle pieces that slotted the crime together.

I’ve already started listening to A Darkness More Than Night, and might even watch the film version of Blood Work at some point. One thing’s for sure – as long as Connelly’s writing them, I’ll be reading them.

[Read from 29 June-3 July 2017]

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