Bombshells Vol. 1: Enlisted, by Marguerite Bennett

Bombshells is a super fun launching point for a series. From my understanding, DC has taken a line of figurines featuring our favourite lady heroes as World War II pin-up girls, and turned those designs into a full-fledged comic series. Turning merchandise into a series rather than vice versa is an odd origin story, but then so is becoming a masked vigilante to defend your city with your bat from Gotham’s hottest baseball team.

I love Kate Kane and I’m a sucker for origins stories, so Bombshells was never going to let me down (insert pointed, heavy sighs in the direction of the ill-fated Batwoman series). This volume, “Enlisted”, introduces us to a rich array of characters, but primarily focuses on Batwoman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Stargirl.

I enjoyed the intro to Wonder Woman – I’m looking forward to the film with cautious optimism, and Diana is a character I’ve always felt I should know more about, so it was good to get an introduction to her properly. I hadn’t come across Supergirl and Stargirl before, and while I did enjoy their sections, it took me longer than it probably should have to realise that Stargirl doesn’t actually have powers, and can only fly with the improbable assistance of what looks like a Nimbus 2000, yet can apparently keep a person in level flight from an outstretched hand. (The part where Supergirl falls to Earth with extraordinary powers I am cool with. The sketchily drawn flying? NAH.)

And as for Kate, she is still my lady love. I loved the sections where she and Maggie just got to be an adorable couple going on funfair dates. And I heard that later along the line there will be BACKSTORY and RENEE MONTOYA so basically, this thing could have absolutely no plot and I would still read the next installment. Hurrah.

[Read on 1 May 2017]

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