Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan (narrated by Helen Baxendale, John Sackville and Laura Aikman)

Dear Amy is a tough book to review, because while it wasn’t really my cup of tea, I also couldn’t stop listening to it. I even did extra housework so I could carry on listening – and if that isn’t mind boggling, I don’t know what is.

Our heroine here is Margot Lewis, who writes an agony aunt column for the local paper. She starts receiving letters pleading for help from Bethan Avery, a missing girl who vanished seventeen years ago. As Margot investigates, she’s drawn into a web of half a dozen missing girls, and may just hold the key to their disappearances.

In theory, Dear Amy has an exciting premise that should have resulted in a compelling thriller. In truth, the twists were all too easily guessable, which meant that waiting for the characters to catch up became increasingly tortuous. Scenes that should have had me bristling with fear – such as Margot being attacked in her home – actually faded away into the background while I got on with sweeping the floor. And that’s no slight on the narrators. Helen Baxendale narrates the majority of the book, and does an excellent job. Overall, Dear Amy was just too predictable to make a decent thriller.

[Read from 12-13 December 2016]

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