Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy

I found this book incredibly inspirational. It’s bite-size, at 2 hours 40 minutes listening time, but that’s all to the good as I imagine I’ll listen to it several times over. I first came across it some months back in an Audible sale, and from reading the blurb came away with the wrong impression of its core concept. Ever since, I’ve drilled myself into the habit of making my bed first thing every single morning – a tiny little act, but a mini-victory to set myself up well for the day. Now I’ve actually read it, I know that wasn’t the sort of act the book is driving at, but it does prove that anti-procrastination behaviours are learnable with practice.

The idea behind Eat That Frog is to plan ahead, identify the biggest and ugliest task ahead of you each day, and make it the first thing you do. Having accomplished the very worst thing on your agenda, you can sail ahead into the rest of the day with everything else feeling easier and all the more achievable.

There are plenty more hints and tips for getting your life in order, but they all revolve around this central idea. The book is definitely more oriented towards the business crowd, but the lessons for the most part are easily transferable to home life as well. There are twenty one chapters, ostensibly all with an independent theme, but essentially they all come back to the one core concept of obliterating the biggest and hardest task first and moving towards a successful future from there.

Highly recommended to anyone who suffers from chronic procrastination.

[Read on 21st August 2016]

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