Follow Me Back by A.V. Geiger

Follow Me Back is so far outside my usual wheelhouse that it’s barely on the same field (truth be told, it might not even be the same sport). But I had so much fun with it that I devoured it all in a single sitting one sunny afternoon.

Our protagonists are Tessa Hart and Eric Thorn – the former an agoraphobic pop fan, the latter a tweenage heart-throb tired of his own fame. Sick of his fans, Eric creates a fake Twitter account to lash out, but ends up striking up an unlikely friendship with Tessa.

As someone who spent a good chunk of her teenage years dopily following around boybands, the insight into fandom A.V. Geiger provides is utterly accurate – especially the awe and irritation surrounding those “Big Name Fans” who are first with all the hot new gossip. Honestly, this book made me hugely grateful that my own boyband days transpired before the Twitter age. A digital trail of teenage obsession would be too cringe-worthy to bear.

As well as a budding romance, Follow Me Back is also a thriller. A major plot thread follows Eric’s paranoia after a boyband member is murdered by an obsessive fan. The book ends on a major cliffhanger, calling into question all that came before. I’m not absolutely certain I’ll be back for the sequel, but in its own rights Follow Me Back was a hugely enjoyable read.

Sincere thanks to Sourcebooks Fire for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley.

[Read on 3 June 2017]

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