How it Works: The Cat (Ladybird Books for Grown-Ups) by Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris

I’ve been noticing these Ladybirds for Grown-Ups books all over the place lately, and was secretly hoping I’d receive one (or a Five on Brexit Island!) for Christmas. So imagine my delight when I tore open the paper to discover The Cat.

Never a truer word on the feline condition has been written. Cats are selfish, self-centered, semi-homicidal tiny maniacs, and I want to cuddle them all. Of course mine love me to pieces, but the cats featured in this enlightening tome are surely more reflective of the species.

Genuinely, the authors do a fantastic job of merging Ye Olde Ladybird pictures with humorous, chuckle-out-loud text. I finished it inside five minutes, but I’m sure everyone present on Christmas day enjoyed giving it a read. I’d definitely gift others in the series in future.

[Read on 25 December 2016]

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