Kill Someone by Luke Smitherd, narrated by Matt Addis

Kill Someone reads like an amateurish and extreme game of ‘what-if?’. What if you got up one day and there was a man at your door who ordered you to kill someone? What if you couldn’t back out because otherwise he’d cut the limbs off five sisters one by one? What if you couldn’t use a gun, or kill someone who already had a terminal disease, or, or, or -? Beyond that, there’s really not a lot of story to it. Protagonist Chris has a good go at killing a few different people, confined by myriad rules and requirements. At one point he considers doing in the call-centre boss breathing down his neck about his stats, which did raise a chuckle if only because I too work in a call centre.

The characterisation, such as there is, is paper thin. Chris is accompanied everywhere by a menacing figure he dubs Klaus, who never speaks, just looms as a constant reminder of the impending murder. The book continues for a while once the ‘what if’ is resolved, but I struggled to care about Chris’s life after the event. And then it ends extremely abruptly, because even though it’s billed as being an 8hr 53m production, the last hour is an excerpt of Luke Smitherd’s next book. Which I definitely won’t be reading.

[Read from 25-29 March 2017]

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