Moonshot by Alessandra Torre

In 2015, I fell head over heels in love with Alessandra Torre’s Deanna Madden series. The Girl in 6E and its successors were unlike anything I’d read before, blending the pulse-racing suspense of a thriller with, well, the pulse-racing thrill of erotica. I suppose I expected more of the same from Moonshot, albeit with perhaps a degree less of the thriller element.

Moonshot revolves around our heroine Ty Rollins, ball-girl for the Yankees, who embarks on a steamy affair with new signing and infamous bad boy Chase Stern. The romance between the two was well developed, even if the short chapters and frequent POV changes occasionally broke up the momentum. Despite having zero working knowledge of baseball, I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the novel (and yes, the erotic element was every bit as pulse-racing as promised).

My disappointment with Moonshot is chiefly that it under-delivers on its promise as a thriller. The murders promised in the blurb don’t even begin until the second half of the novel, and even then, they very much take a backseat to the Ty-Chase relationship. There’s an excellent twist towards the end, but I really wish this plot strand had been more fully integrated into the story. I can’t discuss my lesser issues without spoilers, so please skip ahead if you so wish. I hate hate hate that Ty winds up cheating on her husband. I never came to care for Tobey, but it’s such a huge turn-off for me, and gave a disappointingly sordid dynamic to a relationship that had begun so surprisingly purely. And for goodness sake people, communicate. Years of strife and turmoil could have been resolved with a few more phone calls…. And breathe.

For the most part though I really did enjoy Moonshot. It was a super easy read, and so nice to curl up with on my lunch breaks and escape the real world for a while. It might not have been a completely perfect fit for me, but I’ll definitely read more by Torre in future.

[Read from 4-12 July 2016]

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