Resistance by Val McDermid

Resistance is a fun little apocalypse tale from the Queen of Crime. It’s super short at barely over two hours long, but it began life as a radio drama in three 45 minute segments, so was never intended to be a full-length feature.

The story follows frustrated journalist Zoe, whose serious stories have fallen out of favour in a market saturated by gossip rags and tabloid trash. She has the (mis)fortune of being at the centre of a breaking crisis, when a solstice festival becomes the breeding ground for a deadly new disease.

Despite its diminutive stature, Resistance never feels rushed. Although barely any time passes between Zoe conducting interviews at the festival, and finding herself digging garden graves to save the six week wait at the crematorium, the links between these events are well-covered in satisfying snippets.

All told, I would have loved to have listened to this as a true audiobook, but what it delivered was still a sufficiently splendid way to spend an evening.

[Read on 13 April 2017]

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