The Carnivorous Carnival by Lemony Snicket

I’d forgotten sooo much of this book. While the early adventures of the Beaudelaires are printed indelibly on my heart (in Sebald code, of course), everything from this point on is hazy – which makes me super excited for the books still to come. I absolutely love the chapter in which Madame Lulu reveals her true identity to the children, and endeavours to become a noble person once again – it actually gave me shivers. And the cast of carnival freaks – especially that freaky-deaky ambidextrous Kevin – are a novel touch. I love how much Sunny is starting to grow up, and branching out into inventing recipes as well as her talent for biting things. I just love this whole world, and re-reading the later books again after all these years is a different but entirely enjoyable experience.

[Read from 9-15 January 2017]

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