The Collectors by Philip Pullman (narrated by Bill Nighy)

This Philip Pullman short story is wonderfully atmospheric. It becomes increasingly creepy as the tale progresses, and has a lingering quality long after the last word is read. I received this edition, narrated with flair by Bill Nighy, as an Audible freebie. I’m enormously grateful, because it provided a much needed nudge to finally re-read His Dark Materials. I don’t think you need to have read the series to enjoy it – prior knowledge just adds a delicious extra layer. I’m not sure the story as it stands is really representative of the style of HDM – it’s more of a ghost story than the main series’ fantasy, but that’s not at all to its detriment. I think this is a perfect tale for a cold winter’s evening in front of the fire.

[Read on 28 April 2016]

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