The Elephant in the Room, written and narrated by Jon Ronson

The Elephant in the Room really didn’t do much for me at all. It largely reads like Jon Ronson whining that someone he made famous is now more famous than him. But listen to how crazy he is, people!! He doesn’t deserve to be more famous!! Add in two hours of Ronson trying to ride his coattails to get an in on the Trump presidential election campaign, and you’ve got The Elephant in the Room.

I’d previously listened to So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Ronson, and seem to recall having enjoyed it a lot more than this book, but Goodreads informs me I only rated it 2/5. The most memorable element is one of the same problems that this book suffers from, which is that Ronson should not be narrating his own audio. His voice is hard to listen to for any extended period of time, and especially in this case sounds petulant and sulky.

There’s absolutely no deeper look at Trump’s campaign, policies or tactics here, beyond the micro-orbit of Ronson’s frenemy Alex Jones. The book’s short length reflects its shallowness. Honestly, the only reason I have it because it was free with a Kindle Unlimited trial, and after this I doubt I’ll read anything more by Ronson in future.

[Read from 3-4 July 2017]

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