The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz

I read and loved Anthony Horowtiz’s Magpie Murders in October, and have been wanting to read more of his adult writing ever since. So when The House of Silk and Moriarty showed up on Amazon as 99p Kindle deals, it would have been rude to say no. I’ve read most of the Holmes canon, and wasn’t particularly worried about how it would fare in Horowitz’s hands – he proved himself so able at aping the Agatha Christie style in Magpie Murders that I think he has a natural ear (pen? hand?) for settling into other authors’ styles.

Indeed, while The House of Silk runs long for a Holmes story, the voice of Watson rarely wavers in authenticity. The central crime is rather more dreadful than Conan Doyle’s standard fare, but the final drawing room revelations and deft weaving together of fiendishly difficult to interpret clues is delightful. I tore through The House of Silk within 24 hours, and moved straight on to Moriarty. Although it’s not genuine Holmes, Horowitz has nonetheless created an enjoyable, highly satisfying read.

[Read from 11-12 December 2016]

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